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Custodian-High School

Hours:   2nd shift Mon-Fri 2:30p-11p
North Eastern School District. 
Dress code: Jeans/T-shirt, close toed shoes, nothing offensive, no Jewelry; facial jewelry is ok, hair pulled back, Climate controlled
Job Description:
 Provide a safe, orderly, sanitary environment, conducive to learning, for all students and faculty.
Maintain a polite attitude, always, towards students, teachers, administrators, and patrons. Assist in overseeing the general condition of the buildings and grounds, ensuring a safe, orderly, sanitary environment, which also includes assisting cafeteria staff with trash removal, or moving dishes and food. Ensure improvements needed, repairs needed, or emergency situations are reported promptly; perform minor repairs upon the direction of the Head Custodian. Responsible for washing all windows, walls, chalkboards, and woodwork; scrubbing floors; polishing desks; painting and varnishing where necessary; organizing and setting up rooms for special activities and cleaning all yards/playground. Ensure the temperature of the building is kept at a sufficient degree, properly heated during the winter, and properly cooled during the summer; and report any problems. Maintain schoolrooms, corridors, conference rooms, bathrooms, cafeteria, offices, and other assigned areas, ensuring they are cleaned and dusted daily. Ensure proper lighting throughout the building; ensure gates, curtains, and windows are closed and locked at the end-of-the-day and lights are turned off; Perform other duties as assigned by the Head Custodian.
Ways to Apply: 

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